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Market Research

How and Why Market Research?

Market Research enables you to learn about specific market conditions and to find the perfect end-user for your product! We divide our research into two different phases.

Phase 1

The online research part of Market Research focuses on 






Market Research enables you to learn about specific market conditions such as the overall volume and value of a specific market. It also helps you to better understand the different market segments and different end-users within these segments. Combining all of this will lead to discovering the specific needs and demands of the end-user that will end up buying and using your product. Market Research consists out of 2 phases:

The first phase is Online Research, during this phase the focus is on the overall product market status, its segments, volume & value and the competitors.

Phase 2

The second phase is End-User Research, the focus of this phase is completely on the end-user. Through either quantitative or qualitative research, we are able to find out the customer needs and demands related to the specific product. Within this research we also find out aspect such as where the end-user buys the product, how often it does and what price one is willing to pay for it.







All of this information helps to position the product and to create a meaningful product that aims to satisfy the end-user.

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