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Product Design and Development

The product design and development is divided into two stages, the first stage is: Idea Generation


The first step is research, during this step the designer will dive into all the potential product related aspects to better understand the experience of the end-user and the potential features of the product.

The second step is idea creation, this is when the designer goes on a creative journey in order to discover all the potential directions the product can take.

The final step is concept design, a first presentation of the potential product is presented in the form of a concept. From here a decision has to be made which concept to further develop.

The second stage of product design and development is: Product Development

The first step is CAD Development, this is computer-aided design and helps the designer to improve the quality of design and improve communications through documentation.


The second step is visualization. During this step the product is visually ready and ready to be presented.

After this, a prototype will be made of the product design to see if there are any improvements to be made on the final design.

Finally the product design is ready to be used in manufacturing.

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